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We offer 4 routes spread over 2 days

3 points itra

Ultra 70k

43km + 23km

Enjoy trail running through great mountains.
We have designed a 2-day Ultra Trail - 70km + 4.400m in two days at the core of the Pyrenees

2 points itra

Great Marathon 50k

24km + 23km

The Great Marathon 50km + 3000m is an amazing choice for trailrunners wanting to run faster and enjoying stunning mountains.
Canillo’s valleys are a magníficent place to run at Paradise

2 points itra


24km + 15km

A two-day marathon at Andorra, ideal for trail running practice and discovering The Pyrenees’s Country.

You can register for a one-day race (just one stage of a two-day race) as well.

A Trail in the heart of Andorra.

CANILLO is Andorra’s oldest parish, placed at the north-est of the country and the more extensive among all.
Its landscapes have been shaped for centuries ever since ice ages.
A country with a millenial history - according to the legend, it was founded by Charlemagne in 805 AD- that houses Europe’s oldest parliament.

Saturday August 26

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43km +2800m

2 points itra

Starting at Canillo down to Meritxell’s Sanctuary, then comes the ascent up to Mountaup Valley. After you pass by its shelter, you will start a different stage. More altitude, new valleys and further lakes.

Salamandres, Cabana Sorda, Siscaró, Pas de les Vaques, Incles’s Valleys are among the stunning places you will discover in this trail.

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24km +1500m

1 point itra

Starting at El Tarter Village, this trail completes the Marathon’s second stage.

An overwhelming 24km trail starting with an ascent to Cabana Sorda, a magnificent lake with a shelter.

Afterwards, run down the descent to one of the country’s most beautiful valleys, Incle’s Valley.

Then a steep ascent up to Siscaró and Pas de les Vaques, more than 2500m high and finally going down to Soldeu village.

Sunday August 27

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23km +1500m

1 point itra
The second stage consists of a less technical and faster trail. Starting at Canillo with a great ascent from the green meadows to Andorra’s peaks enjoying magnificent landscapes. After Ribaescorxada shelter the descent begins through the forest by confortable and amazing trails.
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15km +850m

Start a fast trail in a first part going up between trees through a thick forest. After 4km we will arrive to Ribaescorxada shelter where you can stare a magníficent landscape. From this shelter on you can enjoy lots of green meadows up to 2.500m. Then you will go down again into the forest until the arrival.


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